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Bojian Gram-Negative Bacteria Identification

Chinese Name:博检革兰氏阴性细菌鉴定系统
Product No.:HB8679
Specification:5 strips/box
Product Price:
Product Use:For Gram-Negative Bacteria Identification

Technical Data:

Bojian Gram-Negative Bacteria Identification System

1. Basic introduction:

Professional R & D team, meticulously select 21 items of typical biochemical tests, through two years of continuous improvement, to ensure biochemical test sensitivity, found false positive and false negative are not found through a large number of biochemical tests so far.

2. Accurate, sensitive and effective identification of biochemical experiments.

3. Convenient and accurate identification coding system

After thousands of trial and error correction to ensure accurate identification rate of nearly 100%, greatly shorten the identification time.

1. Powerful database support

        2. 112 kinds of Gram-negative bacteria, Escherichia coli covered, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, E. sakazakii, O157 bacteria common details.

       3. Simple operation detailed results

       4. Completely get rid of the cumbersome manual to find the formula to read, no remote query, Local computer after you install permanent use, use namely investigation, the first time the outcome.

According to biochemical reactions, positive or negative judgment, the encoding obtained 7

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