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Qingdao Hope Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

   Qingdao Hope Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd was registered on February 1, 2000. The company is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. Providing high quality microbiological detection products and services for National Inspection and Quarantine Institutions,and the area of food, medicine, biological research, cosmetics, water quality and clinical test.
   Since its establishment, Hope Bio has been focusing on the development and production of microbial culture medium, including dehydrate culture medium, granular culture medium, chromogenic culture medium, 厂房展示图prepared culture medium, animal vaccine culture medium, plant tissue culture medium, cell culture medium and various supporting reagents,with more than 1000 varieties. Hope Bio is one of the manufacturers which have the most complete microbial products series in China. Our products are manufactured and quality controled in strict accordance with GB standard, SN standard, China pharmacopoeia standard, WS standard, YY/T standard, ISO standard, FDA standard, Japan standard, USP standard, EP standard, BP standard and other domestic and international standards.
  Hope Bio has a well-equipped laboratory and a standardized factory, with first-class technicians, mature research and development teams, and a set of strict quality control system to ensure the technological advancement and quality stability of the media.

Existing products of Hope Bio:
Dehydrate culture medium, animal vaccine culture medium, granular culture medium,chromogenic culture medium, prepared sterile enrichment culture medium, prepared tube culture medium, prepared transport medium, disposable plate, HBI microbial biochemical identification strip, borgesian gram-negative bacteria identification system, sterile homogenous bag/sampling bag, porcelain beads strains storage tube,HBtube high transparent test tube. 。

Research and development of new products in recent years:高新技术企业
In 2003
Dehydrate culture medium: began to develop and produce microbial Dehydrate culture medium.

In 2005
Chromogenic culture medium: the first company in China to begin the development and production of Chromogenic culture medium : E. coli/coliform two-in-one chromogenic medium, salmonella chromogenic medium, staphylococcus aureus chromogenic medium,listeria chromogenic medium etc., Hope Bio has more than 20 varieties of chromogenic mediums at present.
Animal vaccine culture medium: Began to develop and priduce streptococcus vaccine culture medium and other more than 20 animal vaccine culture medium, promoting the development of animal vaccine factory from traditional boiling technology to dehydration.
In 2009
Bojian gram negative bacteria identification system: the first biochemical identification system of gram-negative bacteria in China.This system is applied to the identification of gram-negative bacteria and in full compliance with GB/T 4789 standard.
VTM:After the occurrence of a (H1N1) virus, Hope Bio was the first company to launch the VTM, which was widely used in medical, disease control and other government testing institutions.
In 2010
Prepared sterile liquid culture medium: Sterile homogenous bag with culture medium, sterilized by irradiation, ready-to-use, and easy to operate.
Prepared transport medium: sterilized by irradiation, used for the collection and transportation of laboratory specimens.
Prepared plate medium: With strict quality control of dehydrate culture medium and high quality plate production, fast transport to the laboratory.
In 2011
Granular culture medium: With the advantages of rapid dissolution, environmental protection, no dust, stable quality and so on. Hope Bio has innovated and developed the technology of granular medium, providing environmental protection, no dust inhalation and safer media products for the laboratory. The introduction of the granule medium indicates a more mature and significant advance in the technology of the media industry for Hope Bio.
Ceramic beads strains storage tube: is composed of freezing tube, ceramic beads and cryopreservation liquid. Compared with the traditional method, this method has obvious advantages such as simple and convenient operation, rapid preservation of strains, small volume of packages and a long preservation time.
Chromogenic medium for shigella and bacillus cereus: As the first manufacturer in China to begin the development and production of Chromogenic culture medium, Hope Bio has developed the most complete varieties of Chromogenic mediums.
In 2012
HBImicrobial biochemical identification strip: Biochemical identification tube upgrade products, fast, simple, safe, easy to operate.
HBtube high transparent test tube: Radiation sterilization, high transparency test tube, one-pull operation, strong sealing, easy to operate.
In 2013
实验室 Sterile water sampling bag: Used for sterile collection of water samples. Sterilization radiation by γ; The vertical bag and bottle mouth design makes the operation easier and more convenient.
In 2014
Anaerobic culture products: Anaerobic cultivation bag, anaerobic pack, oxygen indicator and other series of anaerobic products fill the gap of domestic anaerobic products.
HB One-off Four Part Attached Oxford Cup has changed the tedious operation of the traditional Oxford cup and created a more simple and convenient way for antimicrobial susceptibility test.
In 2015
Sterile bottled liquid medium: Independent innovation research and development of high transparent plastic bottle liquid medium, replacing the original glass bottle packaging, convenient transportation and use.
In 2016
Freeze-drying strains: Using vacuum freeze-drying technology,stable quality,long preservation time,and the complete identification report of strains.
Neutralizer tube: mainly used for the enrichment of disinfectant sample.

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